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Welcome to Nintendo Voice Chat! Tons of games came out this week, and the NVC crew is here to break down IGN's reviews of Ring Fit Adventure, Little Town Hero, and The Witcher 3 on Switch. Plus, hear about recently revealed Pokemon Gigantamax forms in Sword and Shield, a new device that can play any Game Boy game, and more. Finally, what Nintendo character would you choose to investigate a crime? Find out on another edition of Question Block.



  • 00:00:03 - Welcome!
  • 00:01:37 - News: Fat Pikachu, the Analogue Pocket, and Sonic in a ball.
  • 00:13:33 - We breakdown the big Switch reviews this week: Ring Fit Adventure, The Witcher 3, and Little Town Hero.
  • 00:37:39 - So many other new games this week!
  • 00:49:58 - What we've been playing!
  • 00:54:13 - Question Block time! Who would be your Nintendo detective?
  • 01:04:45 - That’s all, folks!
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With new consoles on the horizon from Sony and Microsoft, what should Nintendo’s plan be heading into 2020 and beyond? And, is next year the right time for Nintendo to release a Switch Pro? The NVC crew tackles these questions and more on this week’s episode of Nintendo Voice Chat. Plus, hear about the recent 24-hour Pokémon Sword and Shield livestream and Doom Eternal’s delay. Finally, the panel has to choose between a futuristic Zelda or a medieval Metroid on Question Block.



  • 00:00:00 - Welcome!
  • 00:01:17 - A quick correction to Sword and Shield's gym count.
  • 00:02:30 - News: Galarian Ponyta, Doom Eternal delayed, and more!
  • 00:15:20 - What Does “Next-Gen” Mean for Nintendo?
  • 00:38:35 - New games out this week!
  • 00:51:44 - What we've been playing!
  • 01:02:30 - Question Block time! Futuristic Zelda or medieval Metroid?
  • 01:05:41 - That’s all, folks!
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Welcome to Nintendo Voice Chat! After mixed reception for Mario Kart Tour, the NVC crew sits down to discuss if Nintendo’s mobile plan needs to change. Then, stick around to hear about fresh Pokemon Sword and Shield details. Nintendo also announced a new Brain Age game alongside an official Nintendo Switch stylus! Plus, the panel discusses AlphaDream filing for bankruptcy, the Overwatch director’s recent comments about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and more. Finally, hear your listener queries answered on Zach’s favorite “game,” Question Block.



00:00:01 Welcome!

00:00:57 Peer is back from Japan!

00:03:45 Nintendo’s mobile strategy

00:19:40 New Brain Age announced

00:22:18 Pokemon Sword and Shield 

00:31:16 More news!

00:46:15 Games out this week

00:50:15 What we’re playing

00:57:20 Question Block

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